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... hello. Hello, are y'all doing? We got a good show today. Don't like yeps or do? All Right, Zach, what you want to talk about today? I think you had a topic in mind, but I'm just trying remember what it was. What were you going to talk about? That the NHL Playoffs. Oh yeah, the NHL Playoffs. How's Calgary doing in that? They're doing good. Or One last night, five to two over the Vancouver conocks. So canucks stored to Calgary score. That's pretty good. It's sure. He is sure? Is Sure? Is So? Yeah, good job players. That's correct. Yeah, so from that, Listen't any good CDs or albums lately, and then listen to the new nickeback album. Creating machine had the machine? Yeah, it's way. Is that the news album, because it's not that new. Of It is. Yes, news album. Wait, I'm like, God, wot that like two thousand and fifteen or sixteens release? You have something like that. Oh, what was the newest album you've listened to? Like power up by ACD E. See, was that last year? Yeah, I think so. Yeah, two thousand and twenty yeah, well, that's that's good. So what's on the agenda for today? One of the guys want to find my podcast. It's on spotify, church up Anton, the Anton Gasper podcast. Yeah, very, very good. And also look for their return of the Zach Hogan... Like give a plug. You have great ahead, Buddy. Does Zach Hogan show on soundcloud has returned for one special episode? Who is he? Who is a it is a friend of the Anton Gasper show. Does Zach Hogan show the special Sunday January seventeen two thousand and twenty one, addition, half hour podcast. Look Up Zach R Zach Hogan show on soundcloud and you will find it there. That is, of course, the exact Hogan show. Once your what's it? What he can after able to stretch on your soundcloud? What's there? You're user name on there, my user name, my user name on. Oh Gosh, I can't. I can't remember the exact link, but I would say if I use your name, just look up Zach Hogan show January seventeen two thousand and twenty one. You'll find there. That's the best about as best as I can tell you. All right, what are we talking about next? We do? We sort of discussed music and sports. What about what else? But any kind of concerts? I heard the French prince it's going to come to the SHPO Max. So we're not talking about in person concert said hope not yet. No, just what virtual concerts? Yeps, something like that. My phone's but what the Hell's going on with by the way, if you're if you're hearing some rattling around, that's my dog class everybody. Yeah, yeah, that's the dog close upstairs, closes upstairs, pissing around, fucking around, whatever.

Just being a dog. Uh, Huh a name. It's just being a dog. If you guys want to find me on my shows, men, it is at Anton. Our gasper does saw my shist media. That's that's right. Hey, so I are you up to any cool projects lately? I know that you've been doing some sort of school work, but tell us about this new company that we've talked a little bit about that you're part of and what they do. It's called remo. Oh, it's all us, but our remo is a I'm on the website. Remo is a it's a good website. It's good website, but sorry, we tell me more about it. What is remo? Remo was like a conference website. It's all different. It's suck remo, psych you zoom psycho. Press conference is there's a like a virtual office in your own and kind of go to the tables. All of that stuff there's right, cool. Okay. What I'm just curious, anti, what else is on? What's on the agenda for this, this edition of your show? Let you Zach, it's your show. What what are we doing? It's all, I guess. Watched any have you watched any of the INN shall hockey last couple days? We just talked...

...about that. But movies? Have you watched any? Yeah, I I watched something on Netflix I not too long ago, although for the life maker remember what it was. What's you Tommy about? RUN WAY TO WINSTER? How many times to meet to run wait? How many times? What have you met Ron? Have you see you run run waite? I met him once in Vancouver and May of two thousand and twenty, I think it was made twenty, two thousand and twenty. I I took a trip from Calgary to Vancouver on a Greyhound, which sadly does not serve western Canada. Anymore. Yeah, discontinues. Yeah, but back in two thousand and sixteen, I took a bus tour which took about fourteen hours to get from here to Vancouver, but it was a really fun thing to do and so I did that and I met him that day. It was fun, and then I went to Seattle for that's pretty cool. What to Seattle the next day for like three days, and then I went on the long journey home from Seattle, back to Vancouver and then from Vancouver back to Calgary. A Long, long time on the bus tour, but it was fun, you know, I have no regrets about doing it. It was fun. So the number of times I've seen him, let's see Ze. Yeah, I've been to six of his shows. That's crazy. All right, everybody's going to take a quick brick. Be Back in the cup. Be Back like two minutes.

Hello, and we're back. Hello, everybody, welcome back. All right. Well, what's the topic of the our good host, MRR host? Yes, talk about Lacrosse. Tell us what. Yeah, I think you know more about this topic than I do and I'm interested in it. You know, you've done filming for Lacrosse Games before. Have you not yep, that at shows. Makes out at them. That's where Cougar roughnecks play. And just tell for the folks who don't know. What do you do there? I did failed camera. I did center ice for the face off for the roughnecks tug. You roughnecks. Very cool, very cool, see you did that for the roughnecks. HMM. You've also done hockey games. You've done sports events and also for the calvary stamps. Did you do camera... for the calvary folk fest for the Big Screen? What did you do there? I did. I was a security guard at the cougar full fest like two years ago. Well, but I think the interesting part about that job was what part of the thing were you guarding to stop what? To Stop people from crossing it, because a lot of a lot of people would think that, you know, you're just by default, that you were guarding the main gate, but I don't think that's what it was. What were you guarding? I was a van. It's if you guys don't know, is where you walk around the park make sure what he doesn't do any seen. Want you to get get your off to park immed immediately. So you weren't guard. I thought you were guarding the river. But was that? No, you won't guarding the river. Yeah, I was fucking by the river pass. Well, because people, what would they do? Right, they would try to come in through the river, if I'm not mistaken. Did you ever catch anybody doing that? Yep, sure, dead like a couple rafters, HMM at. But they were trying to get in the festival for free by crossing the river. Uh Huh, that's correct. And what? How did you stop it? But I asked them to one of my partner asked him to leave, but by the main gate. So what? By the river? You found a way to make them not cross. Is that right? Uh Huh. Yeah, they were rafting, but a bowl terror rafting on the bow river. Yeah, wait, was the rafting not allowder? was them trying to get in the festival without paying? Not Allowed it, without them getting them without without them getting in the festival, it's not allowed. Yeah, they have to go through the main gate with a ticket or pay. Right. That's what I thought I just said and I thought I'd talked about that, because sometimes when people here security they automatically think,...

...go, you know, this guy must be the front, by the front gate, but you weren't by the front gate. You aren't by the front gate. NOPE, wasn't. Yeah, so did you get to meet any of the artists? Nope. Now, were you not allowed backstage? NOPE, you had to be able to different crew for that. Ill See. I thought that everybody who worked for the festival was allowed backstage, but I guess I'd be wrong about that. Huh. Yeah, that's correct. What your resist? Two thousand and sixteen, Seventeen, eighteen, I can remember now. Two Thousand and nineteen. Oh really. So did you go for the whole four days? Three days, had a Samskin, had to work. Well, but you were out all four days doing different things. Yep, it's good. It's good work code. When you walk, when you're doing the festival four days, is this pretty good weight for walking? Yeah. Well, yet, for one thing, you're walking out in the hot sun, which I would think would I mean, they always say it's easier to lose wait in the summertime, isn't it? Uh Huh, that's correct. Well, yes and no. I mean some there's some people that like to eat and drink a lot in the summer. So that doesn't help them, I guess. But you know these these things. They are what they are, but it is interesting to hear you talk about your experiences. You know, I went to the folk festival once. Did you see us up in Tom There? Yeah, I did, in two thousand and four. The how would were you? And two thousand and four I would have been nine, because it wasn't November yet. Yeah, for those of you that don't know, is born in ninety four. So that's a pretty long it's almost like sixteen years. Why, at this point? Now it's longer...

...than that. Oh, you made sense the festival God, since last time you saw sop and Tom the last time I saw him was and was in two thousand and ten actually, when he came to the Jubilee Auditorium, like almost like ten or eleven years ago. I wouldn't thinking. I'm trying to connect my my device to your to this thing. I'd like to play a clip it from the folk festival that I have on my just bear with us for a second. If it doesn't work at that, AH, here we go, here we go. So I'm going to play a clip from two thousand and four, from that day at the calvary folk festival. That happens to be on my youtube page and at the beginning you can hear the guy introducing Tom and then tom talking as he walks on the stage. It again, if I can get it up. If not, it is what it is. Yep, but I think if I just look forward for a second I'll be able to hopefully get it. Yeah, like my Bourbon sometimes he'll say to me if I tu it or something, he's you want me to shove a cork up yours? That's what you say to me, isn't it all right? All Right now, let me I think I got it.

I got it. This is him walking on the stage Folk Festo. For How many people are there? If you look very closely, Anton, you'll be able to see it. Oh Yeah, you see, you kind of see him vaguely walking. I keep in mind I couldn't zoom in, so it was kind of crummy. But the horrist buddy out of ahead. Listen to what he says. What he's said? What he said exactly? Listen again, sure people, did you hear at that time? Oh yeah, he said there's they told me that there was only going to be but ten people here today, which will be like hunter people. Oh No, no, there was thoubt that. There was probably as many people as you would have seen, maybe even more. I mean, was it a busy festival when you went? Oh Yeah, sure was. Did you enjoy that little thing I just played of Tom saying well, I they told me there was only going to be ten people here today. Man Like yeah, I saw how I heard above for Sandbury, by the way, that the guy introducing Tom they're in that up I played is the late Bob mcnevin. was his name. It was a it was also one thom's one thousand nine hundred and ninety three tour with a band called the Whiskey Jack, led by a guy who wrote a book about his experiences on that tour named Duncan Fremlin. But a way, that guy's name was Bob mcnevin, just in case anybody was curious. Anyway, who did you see at the festival when you were there?...

I saw Bob Sa Marie, I saw a blue Rodeo and a couple of others. Very Nice, very nice. Yeah, that sounds do you remember who the others might have been? I saw some buddy and Toronto's somewhere, but I don't my name from some kly someone from somewhere in Toronto, somewhere though. Uh Huh. Nice, Nice, Nice. Well, folks, this is the second episode of the Anton Gasper podcast. As we've said. Thanks. Sadly, might to post because not with us this time. He will be on the end next episode. We think this is your host, Anton Gasper, and Zach Hogan. Yeah, thank you. How long we sure are we doing today? Host, how long I want to go for it? Your show, you tell me go like more ten minutes. Okay. Well, so after the pandemic is over, this is something we could talk about after the pandemic is over. What is the first thing you'd like to get back to doing that you can't do properly? Right, there's something you can do properly. But what is there something that you'd like to be able to do properly that you haven't been able to do since March? Probably work at saddled dome. Probably go back to the restaurants. Go back to the restaurants. What about, you know, go back to the bars for four games and stuff like that. Y'All, go back to to the virus plus, probably flames games, probably lost football games. Sure you nice...

...and watch team condity games too. Yeah, what do you have an idea when the playoffs are supposed to be over? This is a rather confusing season. Maybe you can help me break this down, because I don't really understand. It's like still any or June, I believe, but hard to say. With that it's hard to say, but you still think around the same time. Didn't they shorten the number of games in this season? I don't know what I heard that Yeah Day had like thirty games. IRY and what's a typical season? The amount of games psych like then, for aside? Forty Games, forty eight or forty forty? So they have how many in this one? Forty? No. No, and in this season and regular season, there hand like almost fifteen nine, so almost fifty nine games, and in this season they have forty games. Okay, well, that would explain, I guess, why they were able to start up later but still lend the season relatively around the same amount of time. Now in this season. One thing I'm also confused about. I think the answer is no, but maybe you can clarify this for me. Can Can Canadian teams and American teams played at like? CAN CALGARY PLAY BOSTON? Can Edmonton pay play Buffalo, or CAN TORONTO PLAY? I don't know there cannot because it's the borders close. But okay. One thing I'm confused about is during the summer, during the end of that season, they were able to actually get some American teams in this country or get some of our teams out there to play.

Oh wait, no, it is Edmonton, Toronto, wasn't it? It's what's SOD that? Well, yeah, but how come they could get those two teams are sorry, I get American teams out to trottal or Edmonton, but now you know. Now we can't get them in here to play. What? Why that change? Maybe you can break this down better than I maybe you can break this down better than I can. That's what I meant there. Wow, it's pretty good question. It's you guys. Don't know you. Well, do you know you have to take a pass for it to go to a different city on the Nhl what can you break that? What does that mean? All NHL teams travel by planning all the close change to trouble by bus. Okay, what about Eastern and western Canadian divisions, like in Calgary, play Toronto right now, and things like that? I think believed a plane on the weekend on Sunday. But in Calgary played the east coast teams. Can the West play the East? Stories that even restricted? You can, they can, uh Huh. Okay, yeah, it's the Western division. So nationwide the teams can play together, like play each other, owning kind of owning to the KNE teams. So well, yeah, so the Canadian teams can not play the American teams, but they can play each other though, Yep, in the US and the well, the US can play different teams from different states, kind of like we can play different teams from different provinces, right. HMM. Okay, yeah, that's what I was wondering. Thanks for clarifying that, because again, I'm not...

Grad at breaking that kind of stuff down. You know better than me, so you might have taught us all a bunch of it's all, you know, a bunch of stuff here today that we didn't know. Yep, thinking, yes, thank God to tell you guys about it. Yep. So we were just out walking the host here. We're just out walking that host dog. It's I guess, no, no, it's nameless cows close. Yep. And what happened on that walk? I think some other dogs were barking quite loudly. Yep, some dogs for barking pretty loud on the walk, and here I was thinking that your dog was going to try and run up to those dogs and get real aggressive and stuff, but that didn't happen. I'm you know, Nope, cost US pretty good. Yeah, and what I know? He has a bit of rottweiler in him. But otherwise, what kind of a dog is he? He's a black lab. Black Lab, Huh, Huh, but not black Labrad or like. I'm so bad with dog named or types. Like you and Mike definitely know dogs better than I do. Oh yeah, but then I know I definitely know cats better than you do, so it's definitely trade off there. Anyhow. So we talked about Folk Fus, we talked about sports and dogs and stuff like that. Would your interesting topics? What is your what what's next on the agenda? I've I don't. I think you have the notes better than I do. Plumbing and Talk About I'll pee records. Oh yeah, I think...

I have over five, four hundred of them. Over four hundred. I think you only own like one. Yeah, I wanted to wish something that. Well, actually, you and I own this. The one that you own is something I also have a copy of, but on a different color. Maybe you tell us what what is that record that you won't it's too few fighters. You have that? Yep, somewhere. No, no, that the other one you own. Guy We used to work with had a band. Yeah, Joe Houston. Yeah, so joe. Basically Joel Houston, was a guy we used to work with in our office and he had a band called mid Atlantic. I don't know what the hell jewels up to these days. We heard from him lately? Not. I Havn't sort of disappeared. We lost touch, which is kind of I want to track him down. I don't know about you, but I think he's working at the University of somewhere in Saskatchewan. You remember whether it was Regina or as cartoon the Hud? Don't know. It's pretty but he got his dream job teaching, I believe is, as the story goes, right hum which, you know, good for him, but it is one of those things where as soon as he left, it was it was just a great guy to work with. Any had this band called mid Atlantic, which the genre was basically instrumental rock, I would say. But Yep, and his sister, Sarahs must panels. Yeah, I think it was sort of a family affair, but in a good way, like I know I'm laughing, but I'm not mock it was a great band and you know, it was really something that...

...that they did that. and Oh yeah, the god of the dead was the name of the first second album. And the first album I can't remember the name of, but I know I have one on CD and one on LP. Now you have the black final I of the white vinyl of that like right, we have different colors of that pressing. Huh, Huh, we sure do. But if you want to look it up, I mean it's God of the dead by the band called Shit. What did I just say? Not Lannik, no, but his band. This is going to but what band name do I just say? And now I forgot, Joel's band and mint a latic. Oh yeah, right, sorry, made Atlantic God of the dead. And again the first one. I can't remember the name, but there are no lyrics, I don't think, in any of the songs. But right, there's not. There's there's stem plan together. Yeah, and you know this might interest du Anton. I have a bunch of nickel back ill pe's. Well, I've got long road, I've got all the right reasons. Is Got Dark horse now I I can never find that. I've looked for it. It's rare, apparently, and I don't. But I do have, I think, one cold here and now right and God the other one. I it's going to bug me all night, but I can't remember the damn name of it. I have a lot of stop and Tom Records. I Have Jimmy Hendrix, I've Stevie Ray Vaughan, I've got Joan by as Bob, Dylan, John Sebastian. Those are all sixty folk heroes. And do you have a couple of food fighters? Yeah, I do. What Foo Fighters Record do I have? I'm curious.

I have the newer CD, but I thought you had an LP of it. You said, Yep, had lpe of what? Which one? What, however, did record is? Okay, I'll have to show me later. But I do have concrete and gold, the newest album, which was a two thousand and seventeen release. Yes, think I have that CD somewhere. Yeah, no, I have the LP of that for sure. In fact, you were with me the day we bought it. I think, uh, Huh, that's sure was. And do you remember how side for had no music on it but it had like a weird sort of writing looking thing? That's pretty it's pretty crazy. Yeah, yeah, it sure was, but it was fun to look at, fun to whatever. I still I played part of that one the other day. I've got a real good, cool set up at my place for playing lps and CDs and tapes and all that sort of thing. And if you're not into correct collecting records and you want to, I suggest you get into that. You should get a record player. I know I should. You could plug it into your receiver. I know what kind of stuff you got, but want to wrap it up here pretty quick. Huh Huh. Anyway, what's on the want to take us out? All right, thanks everybody for joining the Anton Gas or podcast. Yeah, thank you for listening and I'm a good night you guys.

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