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On This Episode of  podcast we talk about movies,hockey,sports,show's 

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Hi everybody. Welco until the Anton Gaspar podcast. Hello with my guests today is Zach Hokan and might Tahuska. Hello, hello, Hey, that so I'm Zach, I'm might tapoo's got and that of course, it's Anton Gasper. Yeah, sex for most. Yeah, so he's our host and we're starting off with the hockey song, because what is the reason if you guys haven't heard the hokus on is it's it played at some hockey games? Yeah, yeah, in fact I remember I was at a Vegas Golden Nights game in obviously in Vegas, on their first season, in December of two thousand and seventeen, and I forget exactly what someone played. Oh Yeah, they played the song and someone beside me who is from Nevada, asked me if I know who wrote that. I said Wu, you should ask. I'm a Canadian, I know who it is. Very well, Stop Tom CARNS. He said, I've never heard of the guy, but that sounds like an interesting name, and I said, well, most people in your country have not heard but we've all heard of Johnny cash and all your guys. I think it's rather said that they don't know more about our people. And all right, and I think early your Mike you were saying that if he would have done more in the states. Yeah, I mean it's got a stop Tom's own fault immediately. Well, because why he didn't? He has anything? They never perform in the states. The only performed in Canada, didn't he? Yeah, so I think that's what that is. And all right. Yeah. So, so, anyway, what what are we talking about today? That is what should we start with? Start with sports, I guess, since we're were you on that topic? Are you guys enjoying the I guess we're not in playoffs. Were in First Games right now, aren't we? Yep, we are. Worth opening up the regular season. The way they're doing it, though, is that I think they're I don't know what they've done with the divisions down in the US, but there is now just a Canadian division and so during the pandemic, so that nobody's crossing the border, they will just have the all the NHL Games, you know, all the Canadian teams playing Canadian teams. For Yeah, right now, I don't like, I don't know, kind of after an American teams playing American teams. Yeah, I mean like if after things clear up, like I don't know. Yeah, I don't know what they'll do after that. They might just keep this for the season and then, you know, depending on how things are by the start of next season, it might go back to normal. Well, do you think it could later this season, because I've heard of other things that sound like the maybe on the horizon. I've heard rumors. Well, I mean there would be the logistical problem. They've already kind of come up with this whole system. I mean they might want to just be having this system play till the end of the season. They have it planned out and you know, that way they can have, you know, accurate points and everything. Yeah, you know, I don't know what they're going to do come playoffs, if they're going to do like another one of these bubble deals. I can Edmonton or what they're going to do, but you see what happening. That probably for the remainder of this season at least. Yeah, they'll probably just have just the Canadian teams playing each other. And I mean we're only we're only playing forty one games this season. I think it was a late start to the seasons where I'm going to be playing forty one games. No, most seasons, while we team plays eighty two. So each team is only well, each team isn't. Sorry, the whole season is only forty one games. Yeah, well, I mean forty one games a team. Each team plays forty one games and then after that it depends on how far they go into the playoffs. Right. Yeah, and, as I said, I don't know exactly how the playoff format is and to work, but it should be an interesting playoffs to watch. I mean, he was. It was a good qualifiers round for the flames, because what they did, you know, of course, last year the whole qualifiers and then they started the playoffs. It was a good qualifier round for the flames. We beat Winnipeg and then we have an okay first round. There were a lot of things wrong with the way we were playing, but you know, like Dallas played really, really good. I mean what I did like is that Dallas made it all the way to the Stanley Cup final and I think they got pretty deep into Stanley Cup final. Because what game was it with that the lightning one won the cup? I think was game six, wasn't it? Yes, who was game six with the anti may far and not and the flames puts on me was a game sex Anton plays put the down, starts tea game six in the first round. So right, right, right, and of course, like the lightning one, the cup. Yeah, yeah, so that that was good. And Anton, I do you think, because I know you do camera work for the flames, do you think we're going to are you going to go back to do some more that during this season? What's your prediction? It it? I don't know if I'm I don't know, it's hard to say with...

...that questions right now. HMM, because I know they got a skeleton crew back. I guess you weren't part of that. Hey, nope, yeah, cause I imagine it's probably just like a fraction of the yeah, they would normally have that. That's what a skeleton crew means. I mean a lot of businesses are operating that way. You know, charities like the one aft is a good example of that. Right, they're running a skeleton crew. They're probably, if if even at ten percent of their normal staff. Yeah, which I think maybe you're one of for the online stuff. Maybe aren't you working that new remo software? Huh, and explain to folks what is the remost software, because I think that this could then end up being a big thing for virtual events, like this company they've started. Why don't you tell people what reason no one real was. It's room like a like a live events software on line. It's like a zoom have all you can run events, can go to different tables, there's whiteboards, there's a QNA section, there's and on the white boards. Do Do the right notes? What do they do there? It's like all different kinds in full, and there's there's like all the business infal sites. Very Nice, Mike, if you seen the right. I've actually looked at this remo a little bit. Have you ever heard of it? Now? Thanks. So now. Well, a little bit more about this remo. Anton knows better than I, for it's us at for audisasters, for ups Fishing Society of Calgary. It's as what we used for live events and it's it's well behind the scenes on the remo. So one thing I'm curious about with it because I've heard but I don't know for absolute certain can someone like click on a certain part and you know when they click on said part, like they click on something and then someone's video chat sort of comes up and you can see somebody. Is that? Is that something you can do? Yeah, that's different. You can. You can join six tables at a time on remo. Well, can you just join one table at a time if you want? Yeep, you can. Well, so, if you click on one table, there's somebody there on a video, on a video call video out chat and you can then go and then see them. Right. It's pretty cool. Yeah, that's pretty neat. Yeah, I mean that you can have like a big party. Yeah, it's like a virtual yes, I watch this like a watch party. I mean, I got to be honest with you, guys, the whole virtual thing. They've done a lot more with it this year for or I I'll technically last year now, for understandable reasons, but it's really I'm starting to get really weary with all this stuff. I just want life to back to the way it was. Interestingly enough, isn't today January seventeen, if I'm not mistaken. You know, no, no, no, that had I known that all this stuff is going to happen, I would have told my past self to buy a bunch of stocks in zoo. I would you just had put to put your entire life savings on zoom. Believe I'll be glad you did. Leaving my life savings ain't that much after I'd drained it out to get stuff from my place and everything, but I've been building it back up. I have no debts. That's good. I mean so many, most people our age group, we have a lot of debt, don't we? Most of the people we know, most of millennials, don't they have a lot of debt. Yeah, there you go. It's frightening some of these credit card debt levels and all this garbage. Frightening some of the debt people carrying. Yeah, you know, I don't. I don't envy them, I'll tell you that. Well, and I'm choosing not to be one of them by not spending beyond my means. I mean I I did carry around about a six dollar, thousand dollar credit card balance from my want is. The whole thing started about May of tw thousand and sixteen, but then in August of two thousand and eighteen, I added about three thousand dollars more to what was already existing to do a couple trips to Vegas and I falls in Toronto to see concerts that I never see again. Joan Bayaz who does a lot of Bob Dylan songs and just a s folk legend, and I knew that I was going to add a lot of debt to go do these things, but I also knew that as soon as I got home it was going to be go, go, go and pay him off. So an all right, it wasn't like I went into it with no action plan afterwards. It was just so time sensitive and, frankly, poorly plan but I wasn't going to let myself miss it and I have no regrets on doing it. But I don't recommend going into debt to do things like that either. Even though I did it, basically, I don't think I do it again. But it was once in a lifetime experience. Well, you know me, when we all become millionaires, somehow we can all go down to Vegas and milk will go down there and will get all drunk and have just have a good time on have a lot of fun in Vegas. Yeah, well, just have a good time, do whatever the hell you do in Vegas. They even get smoke a little weed, bear...

...shit in the grass, of course. So, but where does that leave us? With the weird question. Where does that leave us with the Bearshin in the grass, casting same place, exact same place, my friend so so a way prediction on so what about concerts? I can't decide, guys, weather sports or concerts will be harder to bring back, or do you think they'll be about the same? Like do you think they'll start with smaller venue concerts and then go to the big concerts or start with the big ones single, a little one, I like. It might still be like another year before you have like a big, you know, like Kanye West concert at the Saddledome or whatever at, Oh God, I wouldn't get in square garden or you know, big ACDC concert at some Kanye west of Medicine Square Garden. I don't think I'd go to that. I wouldn't too. That's for death, that's for sure. I go to you know, what I do is I'd go up and interrupt him halfway through the show so I could say something kind like he did. I'd I tell them, okay, Kanye, I'm very happy for you. I'm gonna let you finish this show. But EMINEM's, he's one of the best rappers of all time, had an ice cube to Astley. Ice Cube's even better than eminet? Yeah, remember it. They're they're like the BES roppers of all so, Ike, it was one of the best rappers of all time and then he's going to stand there like I can't even finish the show. Now, Anton, do you remember what reference were making here? Like so, back in was two thousand and eight or two thousand and nine, something like that, there was an award show and Taylor Swift was getting an award. Kanye West goes up on the stage and it completely interrupts her. So so freaking rude. Yeah, I was watching that live to I've because around marows was growing up, we used to watch award shows a lot. Same, same hair to buddy. I don't really watch me more, but now I'll watch them for certain performances, but I cannot sit through the whole thing. What about you, Mike? Yeah, I mean mean, I could never be bothered to watch when even really begin with, they go. Just want to make sure we can all hear each other real good. I can e you fine. Oh you want you only want one of the headphones on. Why? Huh? Oh, no, I just prefer it that way. Uh Huh. Doesn't impact anyone else anyways. So, yeah, that'd be funny. If you want up to one of his cut con security would never let you through. Well, it's not like back in the old days with Elvis Presley when, like, if you've seen those like videos or concerts from the S, these women would approach the stage and you know he'd give him a scarf. But these women would approach the stage and look for a to basically make out with them and get a scarf and all that. Well, now you can't get that close to anyone stage to do anything like that. Like there's a whole bit like twenty thirty feet before any audience is sitting and then they're security in a big gate by any stage. I think back then people had better showmanship and just a security wasn't as needed. I don't know, it seems like today people are more guarded, and I mean, yeah, like that's that's that's one thing. I mean, it's they would have been cool to live back at that time. Yeah, you know, I would have gone up to get a scar from Elvis, but if you tried to do that to me I'd probably punch him in the face. Maybe he wouldn't do that, though. M No, I would not be funny. If you tried now, I wouldn't punch him in the face, but I would like. Dude, what are you doing? Come on, he's Alice. Yeah, well, you can do anything. Well, I mean in that situation he's got to take one for the team. Man. I know, turn your head very fast, get to the cheek. Very weird thing to think about, but anyway. No, no, the point being, yeah, you're right, they wouldn't let you that close to the stage. Now there's no way going to shift gears a little bit. So so, but do you think that's smaller concerts will come back before big concerts, and I think that sounds more practical. Yeah, you know, I would imagine. So. I might be another year or two before like those great big concerts are back, but not two years, dude. I'm telling that's all. Hopefully, like opully, I'm hoping within the next like maybe a year and a half or so. I don't even think that long. If they want to actually save the venues financially. I don't think they can go that long. I really don't. We just gotta we just gotta see what happens. Just I mean it just depends on you know, just kind of when just kind of when things happen in our face every really, it's just got to beat this. That's just about the best you can hope for. Well, I mean, Uh Huh, see what happens all this. Well, you know what I think of all this. I won't get into it too much, but I do believe that c certain aspects of this are nobody's thinking rashly. They're just o..., numbers are going up, let's close businesses. And I mean at some point they're going to have to quit doing it. We all know that. We all know that, but just it's a it's not a matter of if they're going to quit doing it now, it's a matter of when, or when they're going to quit doing it, because we know they're not going to do this forever. Just know they're not. Yeah, I mean, like I'd we just we just gotta you, just gotta see what happens. It's about all we can do. Oh yeah, I think there's gonna be a revolution if they continue to do this. Yeah, we too surprised about that here. But and when seeing a good movies lately, maybe we could talk about movie that. Like, I watch something on Netflix last night and I can't remember what the movie was called right, that a but ketty can get up. The man is that. I might have to go look at it on my phone to see what it was, but basically it was this like thirty year old chick who went home for Thanksgiving and all of her other thirty something your old siblings were married and stuff and she was like the loner at the table and her family made it their Hell's hell, all bent God's given mission to find a re date that holiday season. Then they did and these two people wand up getting together and staying together, but it was all because the family actually did something about it, which I think is kind of weird, but it was a good storyline. What's the movie called? Man? I know people who can relate to that situation, by the way, big families and there the loner out. I know it sucks. You get us to it. Share do I didn't want to say anything, Mike, but I thank you no better than some people that. Thank thank you, Zach. Thank you. Thank you for pointing that out. Because of cousins of yours, I didn't say it was you. Read Zach Kevin Name of that. I didn't say it was you, Mike. I could be talking about your cousins. Hey, I don't think you know any of my cousins. Man, I've heard about your cousins. Do I know what of your cousins? Maybe I do, I don't know. I don't. Maybe I don't think so. I mean I've known you a long time. I Yep. But all. The movie was called holidate. It was a Netflix original film and I would recommend watching it if you have some time to kill. It's pretty good on movie. I do want to watch his tenant. It's our right. It's out. No, I don't think it's on Netflix yet. Inception, the other big movie that's kind of really tenants. Saying producers that I watched that not too long ago. So I'd like to watch tenant now. Yeah, Anton, if you watching a good movies, I watch. I watched the New Star Wars movie class here, the Mandalorians. Yeah, the man audience. Now, did you see that in theaters or did you watch it like some other way? Watch it on dizzy plus that? Did it not go to theaters? I did. Oh, have you gone to a theater since they open? Before they closed again and all that other nonsense? Yeah, I never got around to go into a theater. Now I kind of wish I would have because, well, they will be back, but we just it's just just a matter of when, matter of time before we go back there. Yep, wait and see what happens. Yeah, so that's that. So, besides the Star Wars Movie, Watch anything? Nope. I watched that show shameless. Is that a Netflix show, and I can't remember. I know I've heard of it. That's Griti shameless, Mike, I I've heard of it. I don't really know a whole lot about it, though. Yeah, you guys know what's shamances is like. Really, guys, look it up. That's just like six family members. Like will donnes last name is. WHO's on? Well, will, what did you say? Will, William W donal's last name is pleased the Frank. HMM. Does that sound familiar to you now? Nope. Well, I mean, I've heard of that show, but I wait, think about it. Wait, did I just ask you that? I'm sorry, I've just heard of the title. I think I just asked you that a moment to go and forgot, or did I'm ass? Is that what happened? That? That is precisely what happened. Oh Man, sorry, no, worries buying. got a good so, Anton Sens, this is your show. What topic do you want to go to next? Sorry, I've just been kind of narrating, but it is yours. Yes, on Taco in music. Yeah, sure, heard the good stuff lately. New Stuff, old stuff, anything you've listened to. Wants to go first. I'll go last. I'm been listened to the new ECDC album our up yet.

I do want to listen to that. Maybe I'll listen to that on my way home tonight. Yeah, what's the name of it? My Power Up, power up, Anton, isn't power up? Yea Power Up, power up shit. Okay, so so power up. Did it come out two thousand and twenty? I'm guessing. Yep. I wonder when a new trucks guy video came out in two thousand time. I remember that. I don't know how many. I don't know how many albums are EASYCDC has hits. They have a lot. They most definitely have a lot. So how many albums do ACDC have? A Lot, well, but how many do you know? I don't know the exact number, but you know a lot. Probably Seventeen, I would say. What's your favorite ACDC album? I don't know. For those about rock is pretty good. Bunch of their old ones are pretty good. The first one of theirs I've ever owned. I have a few. I don't have probably as many as you, but the first one ever bought was highway to hell. High would hell is the last album the bond Scott did. Yeah, what's the name of the new guys Sayer? That Bryan Johnson right now. Do you prefer bought, but prefer bond scarter Brinan Johnson? Well, I mean it's kind of hard to compare the two because they are so different. I mean there are people who really like Bond Scott. He was the classic. WHO Like Bond Scott. There are people who I know that really really like Brian Johnson. I find it's kind of hard to compare the two because they are quite a bit different. Like they sing like a totally different style. I mean like ACDC style of music kind of changed a bit when they brought bonds goot in. Like it's up. It's a lot more like kind of hard kind of rhythm e rock. A lot more generic. I mean I kind of hate to say that, but the bet it is a lot more generic. I mean it is good, but you know, it was a lot more kind of Bluesy when when they had bonds Scott, it was it was definitely different. I mean they're definitely are similarities. Mean like any any song that was sung by bond sky, you know, could have been sung by Brian Johnson invited Versa Betz, but you know, they definitely have different styles. Yeah, Anton, the like Bronze Carter, Brian Johnson better. That would be bonds caused, being the original first one. You had the bonds. My favorite Sunda Bomb Scott did was let to be rerock by ECDC. Tells a good sons drum to any vocals or songs that Brian Johnson did, and that would be after highway to hell. Was Black or not? Black ice? was that the name of the album? Yeah, I think the first, the first album after highwood hell was back in black, but I'll back in black and all that one. So yeah, what what would be your favorite? But Brian Johnson one. That's after Bond Scott's timely passing. That's that's that's a tough one. I would have to say back in black. Actually, not just because he just said the first came to mind, but that's a really good. And you know, those two actually do sound kind of similar in ways, you think, right. Hmmm. Yeah, they definitely have their similarities, but they have their differences. Bought Scott, you know, when I or sorry Bryan Johnson. You know, when I first heard Brian Johnson, I'm like that sounds like my mom and she's angry. But I mean they do sound cud. I mean they picked Brian Johnson for a reason because he sounds a lot like bonds God. Yeah, and I think Brian Johnson was originally their driver because I mean like Brian Johnson, like he's a big car guy. There's that. There's a show actually called cars that rock really and it's all just about, you know, like the different types of cars and supercars, and that Internet show, or I think it was on TV at some point. I know, like you can find episodes of it on the Internet, but I I mean, like Brian Johnson was also that show, you know, and and Brian Johnson is done. Lee Als him stuff with like with top gear. So there's a you see like Jeremy Clarkson, James Main, Richard Hammond, you know, they're interviewing Brian Johnson and you know Brian Johnson goes out for I know, a lapper on the track. So I mean Brian Johnson's a big car guys. So that was another kind of cool thing that Brian Johnson does, you know, kind of besides ACDC. I mean he can't really do ACDC anymore. He he knew the albums, but he can't really do live shows anymore. So, yeah, because he's going, he's listening his hair and done says what it death sucks. What does him losing his hair have to do with anything with his voice, losing his hearing or that? What did you say? Now using his here and all. They said losing his hair, and I'm like, what's that got to do? Yeah, yeah, he's losing his hearing and I think his doctor told him, like I didn't know he was waste seeing like an audiologist. Actually, I don't know if it was just as daughter. Didn't know he was. Well, I just hearing. Yeah, he was seeing, but whoever the doctor was, the doctor said, you do one more live show... you risk going fully, permanently deaf, and Ryan Johnson's like yeah, I don't want to fucking go death. So he's probably already well on the road. They're unfortunately. Yeah, I mean I'm surprised all the members of a CDC aren't completely deaf. Well, but especially back in the day when, excuse me, I think it's now. I could be wrong, but I think nowadays, don't artist tend to wear are plugs? Are Yeah, don't look like are monitors, but even those kind of damp in the sound from the audience, don't they? I could be wrong. Yeah, and now what you guys? If you guys want to know when an her runitor sets your own mix, of your own voice, if us, we guys, don't know about that. Well, yeah, and you can hear it in a way that the audience cannot, I believe. HMM, it's made for your enjoyment, not not, you know, not that of the audience. So that's that. But yeah, don't. Back in the day they I don't think they wore any kind of your protection on stage. But don't they now? I don't know. I mean, I guess just depends on the artist. Well, yeah, you're right. Like especially, you know, heavy metal groups and people like that, it must have at imagine they probably have to wear ear protection. Of Yeah, like quack in the the S Mentallica didn't wear any in back? Can I can there you do any of those guys have hearing problems? Now, large does, says he has ringing in his ears. Tonight has yeah, I mean what's tonight? As you know, have you ever been in a quiet room and then your ear is going? Yeah, kind of, yeah, we have your head, you have you are your ear do rather? Oh, yeah, I have, yeah, like, yeah, yeah, yours do that. I mean like that, that. That's exactly what it is. It's rain in the year. Well, do you know if there's like and again, this is most of the stuff is pret covid that we're talking about, with the shows and everything, and after Covid God knows when it's going to be. But don't get me started on that. But Anyway, my question is do this do some cities, when it comes to concerts, indoor outdoor, they have by laws on the noise. Does anybody know? I don't really know the answer this question, but yeah, I mean like noise pollution laws. Well, but indoor, I just don't know. How do you? Yeah, well, I mean like for indoor. I mean like the I think the point of noise to pollution laws is it's late at night, people are sleeping. You know, you don't want a bunch of you know, loud, disturbing noise around. I I'm not quite sure what it is for the laws necessarily would be for inside the building, but there are definitely like hum like when the building is first engineered, like there are acoustic engineers inside the building, because obviously if you're having like a venue that's made for very loud concerts it, it has to be able to kind of like be able to kind of withstand vibrations from like very loud sound for like, you know, extended periods of time, you know, and and it also has to be designed so that you know it won't be like super loud when he gets back onto your ear. So my bouncing off walls. I mean that's all shit that they design into these buildings. Right, right, Anton, I know that you do. I've made I think I think we talked earlier in the show about how you have done, and we'll do again sports events, flames, games at the domes and at the at the domes, at the Dome, not domes plural, but dome things that nature. You've also done work for the stamps. Right, HMM. I have. Have you heard any worried about that. As far as skeleton cruise or anything, I haven't heard any news yet, but that stuffing. I've had any news, but that well. Yet here's what makes no sense to me, guys, is in the you know, the flames are sorry, I'll let me try it again. All the hockey teams can play just kind of way. You on this if you feel like it. All the hockey teams can play their own, you know, in country divisions, and I believe that is sure. Okay, yeah, all right, so I think they can play their own divisions within their own countries. Right, like, correct me if I'm on, but Canada can do stuff. You guys can do stuff. Or right now they can't mix, which is odd because they did in the summer time, but things were more loose in the summertimes. It doesn't really surprise me in some ways. But anyway, Shit. Where was I going with that? NFL can play a but for some reason the two sports that are mainly outside, which is baseball and CFL football, for some reason they went nope, okay, that's where we draw the line. They can't play their teams. Doesn't make any sense. They're playing outside. What do you guys. Think I know who knows well it. Does it make any sense to you that they said? I mean it's not even like the baseball season right now. I mean like no, I mean nobody's really interested in to CFL anyway. Oh..., I stand corrected the the baseball teams did play, but very limited basis, didn't they? Yeah, I mean like it's just not a baseball season right now. Well, no, but with the CFL the summer, I guess. Is when I'm getting at. You know, they weren't allowed to play, but indoor hockey games go ahead. I just for the life of me, without trying to make that a political issue, even though the politicians are the ones that decided. How you know how come that is? I just don't get it. Yeah, it doesn't make any sense with setsuff test resu really, who makes these decisions? Nothing about this pandemic makes sense, thatch, no, but yeah, you're right, and I just said that completely outside on my professional radio Voice. Yeah, well, it's hard to say that professionally, isn't it a right? So I'm thirty minutes. I think we'll do forty five minutes to an hour. I'm not exactly sure. We're just having fun, aren't we? I mean, I think the sort of a fun podcast guys we're doing. Yeah, first episode. Yeah, so there you go. Why, here's something we could talk about. So Anton, you you have this dog right. What kind of dog is it? It's Klaus's black lavader. Is He mixed with anything or just a black? He looks just like a black Laverdeel to me. Yep, he just has no the bit of rottweiler in them. Yeah, were Yep, does he that? That kind of scares me a little bit. Aren't they like really violent? No, no, not. Rottweiler's ROB wilers are fine. You guys want to know the name places came from. It's from the Shrill American Dad. That's that German Chriss American Dad. I think that's the name. I interesting. Yea, anytime you hear about pit bowl or rottweiler dorman attacks, it's all just has to do with stupid people adopting dogs. That's that's basically. That's basically what it comes down to. I mean, and you know, you know how much I love watching you're going to find out how this ties into it in a minute, but you know how I enjoy watching Judge Judy a lot and you enjoy it. We've enjoyed it over the years. Oh yeah, I made all three of US having but on for like twenty years and she's retiring after the season. Guys, it's actually kind of sad to watch that go. Yeah, but always she is starting a new show called Judy Justice, from what I read online, but I don't know. I do know that the show judge Judy is retiring, but apparent I think officer bird is going to follow her to the new show Judy Justice, which I'm happy about. Yeah, we should allest Reis to watch with some time. But here's how this ties in. Mike, if you ever seen a case of hers where somebody goes on with a pit bowl of rotwhile or incident, and she just rips into them for owning one of these dogs? I've seen a few episodes like this. I don't think so. No, yeah, I've seen it a few times. And she and she'll, as she always says, that I'm about to do the very thing that she says not to do. But she says, you know, don't write me, don't email me or anything like that. You know, all you put bold defenders and lovers. You own dangerous dogs and it's just in their nature that they're going to be dangerous. Yeah, she's incorrect. Yep, that's I kind of share. Doesn't she doesn't know anything about dogs and now she well, she does. She's had many different types of dogs over the years. Matter of fact, she's brought the minute of the studio a few times, like I've watched enough episodes to know that sometimes a dogs will run around with her taping and you'll get a little glimpse of it. Yeah, but like that, like, but the whole thing, like what people say about pit balls being dangerous, that's a lie, that's a hoax. So basically what you're insinuating or directly saying is that it all depends on how they're trained. Yep, it's it's if the dog is any is a violent, aggressive dog, it's the humans fault. Yeah, that's that's that's the basic that's the basic gist of it. Is it's the humans fault that the dog is is, is dangerous or aggressive. Okay, well, I just she is like a big name and somebody who I look up to and all this, but I don't know. I mean for a lot of years in up to now. I guess I've shared her opinion on pit bulls and rottweilers, but maybe need to educate myself better. If we yeah, I mean I mean tit pulls. Have Pit Bulls have a strong drive, but they but if they're trained properly and raise properly by the right owner, the they'll be fine. A lot of the times, you know, they it's because, you know, gets in the hands of the wrong owner before, you know, like before you know, when the dog was a poppy like, it was probably picked up by somebody who was trying either, you know, to run a dog fighting ring or just want to have a tough guy dog around and didn't want to bother doing any training of the dogs. So there's that problem. Then eventually the dog, you know, gets out of that because the purse either gets rescued from the fighting ring it was in or it it's that person, you know, realizes how much it sucks to own a dog,... they they just kind of dump the dog off at the side and then, you know, it gets rescued in everything and then just shipped off to the next home and then that personal note doesn't know how to train or what to do with the dog either. So her. You know, I've eventually that that's just what's going to happen. And and the thing is, like there's a lot of dogs, like dog attacks. That happened, dog by rites. That happen all the time. But I mean actually, really, on average, somebody's being bitten by a dog like every like ten seconds, like like so somebody are real and by dog, and you mean a bad bite? Yeah, like like a person getting bit. And then, like, you know me, like, let's say one out of five of those people have to go to the hospital and, you know, like they're be like ten seconds everybody, some every ten seconds somebody getting bit, but the only time the media is going to going to say anything about it it's if it's a pit bull. Well, yeah, I guess maybe you have a point. That makes a good story. Yeah, yeah, that's because the course, that's what the that's that's that's that's what the viewers want to want to hear. I mean I like I saw like one pit bullowner on my facebook who is talking about hit bull bands and he said that, you know, this city tries to ban pit bulls. He'll he'll say, you know, the same thing that some people say with guns. He's he'd say, you want my pit bull, come fucking get them. No, righty, fucking saw your face off, man. So Anton, your dog is here basically for and this is also an interesting counter argument to. This is an interesting counter argument. We can this is an interesting counter argument to, I guess, the whole thing that I've been thinking that the rottweiler, as you said, your dog is part rottweiler. Right, so it's here to be a support dog to you. If I'm not mistaken, that's correct. So if it's here to be a support dog to you, but they're dangerous, maybe maybe Mike has a point and it kind of does counter out some of these stories and arguments I've been hearing from celebrities and others. Right, Huh, maybe it does. You think it's celebrities? The only thing celebrities ever say is what the media want, wants, wants people to think, or what their celebrity friends have told them. Yeah, what their celebrity friends have told them. But the thing is, celebrities are usually uneducated fucking idiots. Well, I mean that's that's the vast majority of celebrities, like remember, when I mean Judy, certainly, not. But you know, I know she's actually one of the few celebrities with half a brain in her head. I've sort of figured that out. I mean she didn't start off being a celebrity, so that helps. Yeah, exactly. You look at some of these Hollywood celebrities is just like Holy God, like how disconnected from reality are you? Yeah, like we're look at people like Rosy o'donald. You know, I got to be careful what I say here, but basically everything is the fault of the current people in charge and and the people in charge before never did anything wrong. No, everybody's got their faults, is what I think. It every affiliation, every people, they've all got good and bad about them. Yeah, and really, yeah, it's it's I can't. I can't lean all that. These like huge celebrities like like, like, like, like Taylor Swift, Kanye Wesset. I wonder what it's like top be Taylor Swift, like I want. Well, I wonder what it's like insider consciousness and insider mind. Well, I don't know if there's a whole lot going on up there, to be honest with you. Yeah, probably not. There's, there's there's probably, as the time you look in her brain and there's no one home up there. She's Nice to look at. Ull Say that, yes, she is that, but but her and I don't. Well, again, I got to be careful. But or and I don't agree on world issues for the most part. I'll just say that. Right, Mike, what cards they have in your hand? By the way, yeah, what is the right there? There, the the, the, the, the, the, the, the Roy, the road the road cast pro, the road caster pro cards. Okay, it's the road cast pro cards. By the way, Mike, I can hear your microphone really well. Can you hear yours really good? I can hear it. Oh yeah, that's good. Wait, I think my mic levels are higher. Oh wait, no, you're on. I'm on too. You're on. I think yours might be a little hot. Anton, yours... down more than it should be. I'm going to turn yourself a little bit. Hows that pretty good he could get. Did you did just get louder when I did that? I'm controlling the board. In case you haven't figured it out yet, you people that are there listening on the air, like, what is your shirts say? I've been looking at it, but says I'm big in Japan, are you? Oh, yeah, very what do they like about you in Japan? Well, in case I can't see a picture here, I'm a big dinosaur. Are you that old? Yes, the hide it will. Did he got that? No, don't. I do a good job. How old are you? I am. How Old am I? I am three hundred eightyzero years old. Boy, you know. Oh, that's something. You can still walk. Yeah, isn't it? So you're not a human being, then you're a dinosaur. No, I'm a human. I'm just three hundred eighty thousand years old. So you were around before BC time? Yes, I was. I was also around before BC. Yeah, and we're talking about before Christ not the province of British Columbia, just in case. I was. I was. I was. I was alive before both. I was alive before both cry is and and before British Columbia. Yeah, some might argue that you're the one. If it weren't for you, there would be no universe. I mean I remember when dinosaurs were invented. Yeah, hence the dinosaur on your shirt. That was a friend of yours. What was his name? Oh, he was a good dinosaur. Is Name is God Zilla. He was a good guy. Aren't some alligators show to art? Some alligators dinosaurs, though? No, birds. Alligators are kind of descend but technically birds are. So dinosaurs haven't really gone extinct, then, have they? Not Real almost of them have, but sort of. I guess not. Maybe there the IT's the only little bit of dinosaur that's left. Yeah, yeah, so we talked about movies. How about we go to? How about we go to? How about we go to? Who is your what is the best concert you've ever seen in your lifetime, and kind of what time around? What time around was that? I've seen a few. Let's go first. I'll go last, just like I always do with these curs. I see the ACDC concert. What your was it? Well, your really aousand and fourteen, two thousand and four now I think two thousand and fourteen was just before or after. You and I went to Edmonton September of two thousand and fourteen and I want to say it was before, but not all the Allo was okay, the listeners don't want them, I think after I enjoy that game, but I don't think the listeners do all. They better. Why we not actually answer one more question? Like, sorry, repeat the answer without doing that. All right, what's the question? Was it before or after the September twenty? I think it was after, I think, but it was an outdoor concert. Wouldn't have been a little cold? It was. It was cold, very cold. It was colder than colder than your butt. It's colder than the North Pole in January. No, not really. Yes, indeed it was. Okay, ante on. What about you? Your favorite show and when I saw a neck a back like ten times back in two thousand and seventeen, you did not see them ten times on the same tour. Did know? On different shows? I did, but but not the same year. Did you know? Okay, well, it was the first time you saw them. What year? The two cells and eight, two thousand and eight tour. What about after you've seen them ten times? HMM, I have. HMM, you can see him. Going to see him again when it come back to Calgary after if this after allowed to at the Sut of them again? Yeah, Nice. What about a second follow up? Likes it very close to your like second favorite. You and I have seen a lot of shows together. HMM. So what would you say? What shows how to be seen? That what I know you. What's your second favorite concert that you've seen? George fear, good and destroyers. When was that? Tops Merv Dat, every dy never went to that show. Yeah, the Natil back concert. Well, you said Nichol back, but I don't want to know what was guys, but how about you both answer that question? What was your second favorite concert you've been to?...

Mike, do you know? I don't know, you're thinking around with your watch, not that I was reading something. Yeah, it's okay, nobody. You have an Apple Watch? Yeah, yeah, you have an Apple Watch. Yeah, okay, I've heard those things are not cheap but they're really cool. Would I be right? Yeah, they are not cheap, but they are really cool. Have you ever accidentally? I forgot who had this joke. I think I would have been Jay Lennol, but he said he would never get an apple watch because he didn't want to accidentally penis style somebody in a bathroom. He said, you thought, but diling was bad. Oh my God, Bob, I didn't mean to call him in the men's room. Yeah, yeah, I'll call you later, Bob. Who is that? It? Jay Little? That was a good souls dialing somebody. Well, with an Apple Watch, right, he said you thought butt dialing was bad. Oh my God, it's like you don't want to accidentally Peel Penis. Tell somebody. Yeah, I guess not. Have you ever done that? New that was that's a good start to watch. They funny, very little shot you. Yeah, we did. We all went to Jay Leno, did we not? Yep, we sure dead, and it was a good show. That was a good show. So anyway, second favorite concert, Mike, what would you say? Yours second favorite? Oh No, Um, let's see ACDC. That was a good concert. MMM MMMMM, not been. Rush was a really good concert. Was Really, really good. Yeah, I mean, ever been to one you didn't like? Yes, I've been new a few metal concerts. Our just like. Yeah, well, I've. I've certainly seen people who most are still alive, but of course summer dead. You can say the same. Remember when you went to go see Elvis Presley live in concert? Oh wait, I forgot your let's three hundred or how old again? Yeah, you remember? You and me went that one here, remember. I'm not that old dude. No, no, we did, or may me did. It is it was back in sixty one. Remember that? I think he was still in the army in sixty one, maybe not, may, maybe not know. He was doing movies, he wasn't doing concerts. And Sixty one, I think he went back on the road from nineteen sixty eight to nineteen seventy seven, and then he died because he ate too many burgers. There's all kinds of conspiracy theories around his death too, but I also ate too many burgers. who was the president back then? Richard Nixon, and Nixon got well and he died because he ate too many burgers. I think. I don't know about that. It was like two hundred and twenty pounds when he died. The funny thing is that back then they said, oh he was so fat and all this. Well, today that's pretty normal. Wait so obasitly must have had a different idea back in those days. Yeah, maybe that's just what happens when people eat too many burgers. Well, what about Fried Chicken and all that shit? Yes, and those two along with eating too many burgers. Yeah, if guys know, I had the to the double done from KFC. That can how many double downes? To double tones there? You guys want to know it is. Yeah, I know what a double done is. I've had them. If anybody wants to know, is to chicken bread, to chickens and a cheese and mix and sauce mix together. Yeah, it's holly not good for what a collaris with that home. So where is it from? KFC? It sounds good. You can guiding, you can dieting. Too many of those too, will tell you. Too many, too many chicken, too much fried chicken? Yeah, it's cy or discontinued fund the are that? What? Did they discontinue them, but they just not popular? Or did they add some new things to the menu? What happened on not pop for probably to May calaries for people who cannot eat it too much. What I don't dude. KFC is not known for having low Calari Shit to start with. So I mean think that was a big problem. I mean that over here eats too much KF seen definitely eats too many burgers, and I also mean he's like three hundred burgers a day. Yeah, that's why only way a hundred sixty five pounds, because I too much. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Oh Yeah, how do I maintain this way? To fight that much by eating a lot of Burgers? That doesn't make sense. Guys, were getting off track here. I think maybe we should. People might enjoy this silly banter, though, so I wait my favorite concerts. You know, I really enjoyed the the two times I've seen weird Al Yankovic. The first time I saw him with you. I think you were there too, were you...

...not my well, yeah, yeah, I remember went to that Weird Al Yankovic show and I also enjoyed all the STOMP and Tom Concerts, obviously, from two thousand and one, two thousand four, two thousand and six with you, and then two thousand and ten, the last time he came around. And then he did not look good. The last show I saw him and I knew he wasn't going to come back. We who stomping Tom? MMM? Yeah, no, the last show I saw I said, okay, yeah, coming back again. His livers black as your jacket know it. Livers don't go black, lungs do. Yeah, his lands are pretty black. He just eat your jackets and he's eating way too many burgers. No, it's smoking too many cigarettes, drinking way too many beers. Warm brows be the occasional burger. What's with you in the burghers now? I don't know, but I but I have found a new obsession and I love it. So what are you going to go eat after we're done here? I don't know, probably some Sapporo, whichi band. What about the burghers? What are you nuts? Disgusting? Yeah, support whiche band is so much better. You know what? I've died for eating too much Sapporo, which man. Actually, speaking about Burgers, guys, I had McDonald's for the first time in a long time today. It was really good. Like, how many burghers did you eat one? How did you not die from that? which are which from wish with Dadsi went to the one on thirty nine, the avenue right by the train station. I was going down to along McCoy to pick up my guitar. That was ready for pickup, and yeah, it was. They finally fix this crack that have been in it for a very long time. You know, I got it back the first time and they said they fix the crack, but then it started to come on done like that day, which was really bad, look like the crack was opening again. Yes, I heard, but yeah, well, this time they kept it for almost a month and they fixed it properly. So I'm really happy about how the whole thing is turned out. It's pretty good for sure. So, Mike, you just have the one tach, mean guitar, right, Tech. mean. Yeah, and NY I need to buy a new guitar one of these days. Yeah, well, yours is okay. I mean it works. It works. I mean I do like it. I mean I usually play my electric more if I'm playing just you know, it's quieter. Yeah, if you have that, your earphones played into the APP and it's nice and quiet. I don't like doing that. I like the APP on, but quite I have to be quieter because of where I live. Like I kind of stuffed blasting like I used to. That's nice, but it is what it is and I'm still I could have stopped. I can still have stuff louder than I would have been able to a few years back. All because I don't know what was I saying. Oh Yeah, because of where I live. It's an older building, so it's not like it's as impacted as it would be if it were a newer building. Quite happy about that. So, anyway, I forgot where I was going with that doors but basically I can't be super loud, but I can be louder than I would have been able to if it were an older building. So, anyway, what if we talked about so far? Sports, movies, concerts, things like that. Right, so I had dogs and cats. That's well, Oh, yeah, whatever, it's so I kind of got off that subject. And so, yeah, I definitely prefer cats, but I'm going to go on a whim here and say both of you were mostly dog people. Right, I'd say it's so, even though I'd still get a cat sorreah um, that's all right. So, Anyway, Oh man, I'm losing my trying of thought a little bit, but let me try to get bet. Oh, you zipped your fly up and you let everybody hear it. Yep, okay, why'd you do that? Because I felt like it are already that. So tell us. I'm curious because I know you still have a pilot's license, right, yeah, I'm flown in a while, though. Well, but you could still fly. Yes, so I have to get recurrent, but yes, I can still fly. Do Plan on doing that? Well, I mean, considering it probably cost me like two hundred bucks just to get recurrent. Now, if you have a license and it's still valid, why do you have to get recurrent? I don't understand that industry all as I flyfs, but passenger so so so. So, say you've gone up with a pilot who hasn't, you know, hasn't, hasn't flown in two years, and you know, with the airplane. So you got it. You got to tell the people, you got to tell the person. Okay, so this is the speed we take off at. This is Peeb land at. This is this. This is the speed that we can have a certain flap extension at. This is the speed that we can go full control the flection at. This is...

...the speed that absolutely the plane cannot go faster than this. This is the amount of fuel that it that it'll use if for flying this RPM. Like there there's a whole bunch of shit that you got to kind of refresh your memory with with the plane. Well, I mean there there's there's a bunch of speeds, but the planes that I flown that I like, I do not remember, like I do not remember them at all. So it sounds like it's not like driving. There's so much more to take in and you just said there's there's a lot more to it than driving. Oh yeah, well, and do you think it'll ever be less regulated to them? This may sound like a stupid question, but do you think that you know how driving it's regulated, but pretty much any idiot can figure out how to do it, whereas with flying, no, you know they can't. But Anyway, my question is, do you think they'll ever make smaller, more personal planes that are easier to fly and won't there won't be quite so many regulations? Do you think that could ever become the future? I thought about that. Yeah, it's called autopilot, like a modern plane. I mean, if you get the right stuff for a plane, it can take off and land itself, basically. Has that ever actually been on? Do you know where, like from start to finish, there's no pilots in the cockpit that just let the damn thing go by itself from start to finish? Yeah, but the pilots can set it to go from start to finish, but they'll just sit in the cockpit as the plane flies. Really Yeah, I mean like they're. There are like big planes now that like like if you're on a really big jet and it's a smooth day, odds are the plane took off by itself that the pilots didn't actually do it. They they set the computers and then the computers lit like did the takeoff and the computers are going to do the landing. So when was the last time you did a flight up like, you know, the last time we took off to go somewhere like like that I was flying the plane or just been like a passenger? Both? I want to know each one. Think the last time I was flying the plane was back like last fatbuary maybe. So that's February of two thousand and twenty. Yeah, like January fair and then the last like plane that I've been on as a passenger. But I was like early February two thousand and twenty. I went to Victoria and then before that, of course, it was Maui right which, oddly enough, you can still go to Mali right now. Yeah, but it's a pain in the ASS. Yeah, and you know some I know it's pretty crazy. I won't get into my opinions on this matter, but going to Malui is fine, but apparently if you're an elected official you'll be fired for doing it, as some of our people were here in Alberta recently. I just crazy, but then again, they make all these rules, they wants to stay home and then they go and do these things. I understand the outrage, but at the same time they didn't do anything illegal. Yes, just it's crazy. Just makes them looks very, very bad. Sirs. Yeah, so, aunt on. The other thing I was going to ask you about the camera work actually is. Do you hang on a second. What are you trying to tell us? Mike's going to go for a minute and I'm going to talk to are you going to come back? Yeah, probably. Are you coming back? Yes, okay, he's just going to go for a minute. I got some business to attend to. Okay, we'll see you back here in a minute. Will be yes, okay, and I shut off his just so that we don't get weird sounds coming from the room because of where he's set up. Anton, why don't I just talk to you for a minute, because this is your show. It is it is your show. What made you want to start wanting to run this show? Have interests to my own podcast? Then here we go. I'm yeah, POK. I mean I've sort of acted more as a host today, but I'm just trying to help make it comfortable with it. I guess. And for those of you who don't remember, I used to own or do a show myself, the Zach hoole and show on soundcloud. Now, if I'm not mistaken, my url was soundcloudcom sacreys, hogans, ninnred and eight five, seven three fifty five one or something, something, something. Seven six hundred and twenty was the second one because my first account got banned because I was playing copyright material and it's what happens, but not a big deal. You just make a new account when that happens. H Huh. So, anyway with the Dome. I keep getting sidetrack from this question. No worries, but he good. So you've done have you ever done La Crosse Games when you've done the filming? I have fun. I have se you've done La Crosse Games. I know you've done flames games. Did you do any flames games in two thousand and twenty, right before this whole thing hit? March and February does was you did one in February? Yep, because I think game in forevery.

I believe there was one game in the very like the first week of March, and then after that it went up sideways. When it went down the drains. For sure. I went to Helen a handbasket. It's my favorite saying. But you know, I think we'll all come through this and come out the other end, hopefully very, very strong. I'll get I'll get it very, very soon, that's for sure. To Yeah, well, I hope that for your sake to so you can get back out there. I'm getting weary, getting tired. I'm just I want everybody to be okay but, like I said, economically there's a whole problem with that and as far as people's other aspects of health go, there's an issue with that and I just want to see us come on through the other side before too too long. Now what I'm saying? HMM, sure do. And not having Mike here, it's your quieter. I hope he he's down the hall. Don't ask, but he's down the hall. So anyway, here, man, I keep getting side tractors. My question. Have you ever done concerts? Like film? Good, like done camera work for concerts at the dome. Noe doubby interested for do a concert? You haven't done concerts, but you've done you've done sports events, including the stamps. I know that too. But the concerts you have not done? NOPE, probably. Let me pretty good to do. And what about the MRU show? I think the last time you were and I were on any kind of a show we were in the Mru Studio and Spring of two thousand and thirteen. So it's been a long time. Yeah, that's been a while. It nice to be back doing something. You know, I'm enjoying it. So, just to put that into context, it's been eight years since you have on, you and I have sat down and done something like this together. You know, shoo did us more off and this podcast. Yeah, we should. So in two thousand and thirteen you were on. Well, what was the name of the radio station? It was called the shift Radio Stasian. And could you get that station through regular FM radio? I'm trying to remember, probably not. It's online station, right, so people who tuned in they could listen to the show online. I remember because we did have people tuning in that day. And that was the last show of your course, I believe, for that and then the year afterwards they changed the format and I did not go back on. I was going to go on, but I didn't go want because your professor decide to do something different, right, Huh. Just change the curriculum that did you get a different professor the last year? I don't know, it's like it's been a hun time. Okay, say I've got a weird memory for stuff. It's okay if you don't, but I just have. And then in two thousand and fifteen there was Mburu sports teams, wasn't there? While there was before that, even and afterwards, and I'm sure there still is. But remember I went with you one day because I was like touring the campus and you've showed me around and we were doing the the video work. We were doing the video work for don't worry, I got your mic off, Mike. Mike's back. I've got your microphone off. Just seeking. Here we go. So I was just talking to Anton here about so in January, I want to say, of two thousand and fifteen, we were just talking about how I went on his radio show a long time ago, Mike, in two thousand and thirteen and anyway, so in January of two thousand and fifteen we went and if I'm not mistaken, the MRU Hockey team was playing that day, the men's hockey team. One of the days when he went to go film it, Uh Huh, and you showed me sort of how that works. Right, Yep, I did it done behind the scenes. I'll do you remember taking me down that day and showing me sort of behind the scenes. Are Everything works? Oh, yeah, that was yeah, yeah, did had fun that day. Oh yeah, and I remember I broke off to go find some dat when, because I don't think I pretty much all that day, until supper time or whatever. No, I haven't. You had little bit of a little but sugar that day. Yeah, I had this bad habit back then of waiting till really late in the day to eat and then when I would eat, I would eat way too much at one time because I was really hungry. I try not to do that in more you ever done that, Mike, where you just don't eat and then all of a sudden when you do eat, it's like just you way too much then your stomach herts. That's happened before. Yeah, it's not a good idea. It's all...

I can say. So it was. I went down and I remember finding this subway. Really Weird Memories I got, but I found the subway somewhere in nome or you, and it was the weekend, so most of the food court was closed, but I was able to find this open subway somewhere. Now. The only issue I had with it they had all the subs, including my favorite, which was a meatball Marinara, but they didn't have the bread that I liked, which I had subway a lot back then. It was a tellian herbs and cheese. Yeah, that's my favorite bread too. Yeah, do you have a do go there much? I haven't been there in a while, but what's your favorite bread? If you do get us up you huh, I get Italian, not to tell you, herbs and cheese. That's my favorite Italian nerds. And so they didn't have it. A Talian hers and cheese exact. No, they just matter of fact. I think all they have was a flatbread. So I had to settle for that. It was like a little complex it in the no, no, the flatbread is kind of crummy. I don't know if you've had it, but I'd rather not use it if I don't have to. Probably not. Is it crummy asn't it sucks, or crummy as it gives off a lot of crumbs, or both? It sucks and if you have a toasted, which I never do, but I can give off a lot of crumbs. So it's both. It's both variations of the word crummy. Yeah, it's very much a literal sense of of it. But anyway, so I found the subway came back to you. That was a long but good day. All right. Yeah, we had a good day. But when we demdate the bus, fat together. No, no, I think we got picked up right, Yep, he did. And then the funny part was I just ate. And then I remember Betty took us to the in W wh I am are it had and I got food. I wasn't going to, but I got food and then I was way too stuff because I just ate. Then I got more food, which I never do that, but she insisted on getting us all food. So eaty Hogan, that I felt and I said, I'm I don't think I ate much the next day I was so stuffed. You No wise choice. Probably not really know. Obviously was sick next day. Yeah, did I did. So how much time have left? I don't know that this thing go on for as long as we want. Shoot, what was I going to say? So, like, I never really took into account just how much it takes to be a pilot, all the stuff that goes along with it, and for the first year's pay for a company like Air Canada. When I first heard the cellery I thought was pretty good, but now I realize they don't make a lot of money for their first year. Yeah, they don't. I mean, like you have to be a pilot for quite a while to like really make anny like reasonable pay. Yeah, I mean, like I do want to get back into flying and all that, but it just said at this point is just like not really feasible, least Lee saw right now. I mean, like if I were to look into that, I would probably look into it during the summer, if I am to look into that at all. Well, in the winter, in the middle of a pandemic, I don't really know how worth it it is, considering they're all laid off to start with. Yeah, exactly, I mean, yea, they I mean like right like at the like I remember in March. I remember like just kind of lockdown. So I decided to just go take a little drive, so I drove to the airport and back, but they were just like there's this one runway just had a bunch of just parked planes just sitting there, just all these planes that weren't being used there by like twenty ninenes just sitting there. That's not but you know, you go by the airport now, like I work right like basically the airport is my backyard. I can see where the planes are on Arrow drive there and it seems like annerd. Yeah, we peer laters. So you know, most of the time I see the parked and most of them park most of the time. It's you know, maybe you can attest to this. I know you can. The airline industry right now. They're in pretty dire freaking straits, aren't they? Yeah, yeah, they are. They, they, they are going to be getting into dire stry. So, like, did you hear that? Are they already in dire straits? Well, they, I mean there's this whole thing with the sehundred and thirty seven Max that happened before the pandemic. That then help things along. Well, now, since now with this whole pandemic and all the all the air lines are retiring their seven hundred and forty sevens. Now there's no more forty sevens. But was that already planned or was this just something they did because of the pandemic. Well, I mean I think the pandemic kind of sealed it. I mean they were going to be retiring the seven forty seven at some point anyways, but I think that pandemic kind of it just that process up. It's streamline, that sort of yeah, it got pot for sure. It got it going much quicker than they thought. That's pretty crazy, doesn't ye feed? Yeah, NA, Anton, like I said, we hope to see you back work in the game soon and I'd like to see you know how when there's a concert at the Dome,...

...they have all those cameras, like I was saying. HMM, my hope for you is that pretty soon you become one of the camera operators. Let be awesome, you know. Wouldn't you like to see him like yeah, you know, be cool and Anton, like, would you ever get to do this? You know how like there's like the four main cameras there that broadcast to TV. Yep, won the deck. Did think you'll do you think you'll get to operate one of those cameras sometime? Yep, pretty soon. That that that would be cool to see you doing that. I don't a pretty cool job to do. Yeah, no, I'm looking forward to seeing him back in action. You know. Yeah, that's pretty soon. I mean, Mike and I are pretty safe when it comes to work right now. or we because we're both in like wareose positions. You know, those aren't going anywhere. Yeah, I mean we're both essential workers, which is really nice. Well, I don't know who decided all this nonsense about essential and not essential a way, or why they did it. I question it, but I'm I just I don't know. I guess I'm just glad that I'm in the essential category. Yep, I'm glad to be working, for sure. I'm definitely glad to be working. Yeah, yeah, Anton, since this is your show, what would you like to do? Probably calling the night. Would you like to close the show right? Want to say thanks for drunning a tone Gasper podcasts and when to think, because my buddies, my two good friends, Zach and Mike. Thanks for coming on my shot. Yes, thanks for having me at all. Do you think we'll do more of these at some point? Yes, dredy's and we will working people here the show. I think on Soundcloud, right, because we're everybody can hear this on spotify, itunes. Are you going to upload it on that. Oh Yeah, okay, in case you haven't figured it out, we're prerecording this and you will listen at well today, I think. Oh yeah, by the way, I didn't address what today is. It's January, Seventeen, two thousand and twenty. I'll actually so funny. Twenty, time, thousand and twenty one. Now, yeah, two thousand and twenty one. Back in twenty one, it is the roaring s. What was it back in twenty one? It was the COVID pandemic. What? Well, one thousand nine hundred and twenty one sounds helve a lot better. And Yeah, keep in mind that the roaring s happened just after a worldwide pandemic known as Gamy. Maybe, maybe the roaring s will start around two thousand and twenty three or so. So. You think the roaring twenties might start in twenty three? Yeah, let's let's say nineteen. Let's say two thousand and twenty three. So when the roaring twenties will start? Yeah, is there a song you want to take us out on? I could look up some funny one DU went on. I don't know exact pick one, I don't know, but let's find something. Let's find something that is fun. So I'm getting a little tired. So if you start to hear me, go down. If you guys down for next Sunday, if you guys down next weekend, sounds good to me. Okay, this is the want of with we own the night, to take us out tonight. We own the night, which I think will be singing a lot of this summertime when we have a lot of legendary nights out to make up four of the lunacy that was last summer. Right, of course. Definitely two thousand and twenty one. I hope it's a better year and I want everyone out there to stay safe. Friend, you want to take us out, bright guys, thanks for joining us and have good night. Thank you, and I hope we do more so we can this will be all over, I think. I think we've got a new thing going here this year too, I hope so. Thank you. Thank you, guys. Oh, you were saying something. You guys want to vomit on. My social media is Anton and our gasper. That's my handle on my all of my social media, and I'll consider restarting the Zach Holgan podcast. That was ended in late two thousand and eighteen. I don't know. I don't know what I'll do. Mike is just playing with a cool watch here as we go off the air, and if I got one of those watches, I don't know if I'd ever stop using it. Maybe that's one of the reasons I don't. Don't want to do that. But, Mike, I have a question, if... got a second so our listeners can hear this. Like, how much did those Frit ever? We don't mind, but our expense. As far those fucking washes, I'm just curious. This one was like three hundred bucks. Great, random bucks for a watch. Yep, so I asked the guy very politely. Addy's sleeping at you little rain? That's what I'd want to know too. So some way. Wait, guys, this song is called tonight we own the night, and I remember first time I heard it in two thousand and sixteen. It was just before stampede happened. I think I thought this is going to be a legendary day folks. So I'm hoping that two thousand and twenty one we have something like that going on. Let's see what happens. This summer was the sad pete and beer first. Yeah, that's so. Let's hope two thousand and twenty one is a good year, even though protein I don't think it will be, but let's hope it is. Yeah, yeah, I hope so. And you're still big in Japan there. Oh, yeah, I Japanese dinosaurs making a come back. You got that right, right, Japanese dinostaurs are making a comeback, aren't they? Mike, they definitely are. That's a hard gass a buddy, isn't it? Yep, as soon as the song is over, we're gone radio soon. I we own the drinks. Yeah, thank you. We did an awesome show, guys. I want you all be proud of this. There's a good show, for sure. Yeah, I mean for especially for a first show. I think, probably first of many, but sleep, this was like a test show, sort of. Well, this one we're going to uplow. Oh yeah, yeah, it's gonna BE.

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